La Royal Opera House di Londra si affida a NEC per il progetto Open Up

NEC Display Solutions Europe announces its partnership with the Royal Opera House (ROH) in London. As part of the Open Up project to promote more openness, availability and accessibility, NEC is providing several display and projection solutions to the major performing arts venue in the UK capital’s Covent Garden.

The Open Up initiative originates from the belief that opera and ballet should be experienced by everyone. In conjunction with major architectural and design changes, new technology and visual stimulations will enhance the experience for those visiting the Royal Opera House. The official opening of the redesigned ROH is taking place on September 19th. Key enhancements include inviting new entrances, extended foyers and terraces, a new café, bar and restaurant, together with an extensive programme of ticketed and free daytime events, activities and festivals for people of all ages. These live performances, displays and collections in the entrance and front area of the ROH together with innovative display solutions throughout the building have been made available and installed by NEC and Intevi, the channel partner and solutions provider involved.

With this initiative, the ROH aims for more accessibility, contributing to a modern European culture. The new building and its interiors represent its core values of excellence, theatricality and curiosity. The main goal is to attract new visitors and offer new and original experimental performances in addition to the ROH’s more traditional repertoire. Amongst the NEC solutions is a dramatic 28.5sqm 90 degree curved LED screen in the redeveloped entrance area which opens out onto Covent Garden attracting attention from the millions of visitors to this iconic part of Central London. An 84 inch large format display can be found in the retail area of the Royal Opera House. Furthermore, there will be four NEC projectors combined as part of a large edge-blending projection solution in the open hall close to the open café. The newly refurbished café and cloak space are fitted with additional 40, 65 and 84 inch large format displays as well as the new and open ballet space.

“We are very honoured and happy to support this venerable institution with our display technology. Our digital visualisation solutions will complement the brand new approach of the Royal Opera House, bringing together traditional and innovative cultural techniques, appealing to the senses of all guests visiting the opera house”, says Bernd Eberhardt, President and CEO of NEC Display Solutions Europe.

“NEC screens and projections will animate the refurbished public spaces of the opera house in new and engaging ways, the bespoke digital wrap around screen at the refurbished Covent Garden Piazza entrance will act as an invitation into our new, welcoming spaces. We want as many people as possible to experience our art forms and get a taste of the remarkable creativity at play here and NEC’s technology will assist us in promoting accessibility to everyone, opening culture to all”, adds Alex Beard, Chief Executive of the Royal Opera House.

Photo by Luke Hayes

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